Units of Study
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Online References
- learn the properties of the stuff that makes up the universe)
- for graphing help

Why 99.9% isn't good enough

- a powerpoint presentation


- you can explore here for hours and not get bored
-The Google Van drove through most streets and took pictures. Drag the little orange guy over your street and see if the van drove by.


- a download to travel the world with satellite photos from space VERY COOL! (Check out the Moon google as well)


- a measuring web site that is GREAT practice for both metric and English systems
- Puzzles and games from the University of Colorado (AWESOME)
- Learn which movies teach science and which are hilariously wrong!

The water rocket index


NASA comparison to water rockets


Rush Hour

- move the cars and trucks to free the red car a path to the exit
- please forgive the spellings...I didn't write it
- Place the numbers 1-9 once in each row AND in each column. Easy... Right?
- see if you can count the number of basketball passes

- for character connection (VERY inspirational)

- Imagine the precision it would take to actually make this. Even in CG animation it's impressive work.
- a Honda commercial from Europe that WAS actually put together. It took over 650 tries to get it to work on film. Read the article about the comercial shoot HERE

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