Chemical Energy

- the energy that is stored in the CHEMICAL BONDS that hold atoms together.

Chemical energy is stored as food for us to use.

This energy came from the Sun.

Energy in our food is stored in chemical bonds .

Plants transform the sun's radiant energy into a "glue" for chemicals like sugar (sucrose). The plants store the sugars in fruits like apples or in roots like carrots.

Sucrose is made up of 12 Carbons, 22 Hydrogens and 12 Oxygens. Chemical energy holds them ALL together.

Chemical energy is USED when the bonds that hold atoms together are BROKEN.

The molecules in food have chemical energy. We transform this energy into other chemicals that allow us to generate heat, electrical, mechanical, and sound energies. Other chemicals are produced that our body gets rid of as waste.


Chemical Energy can be transformed into light

Chemical energy in food can be burned releasing heat and LIGHT
Chemical reactions can often release energy in the form of light


Chemical Energy can be transformed into heat

The energy that is stored in the CHEMICAL BONDS that hold atoms together is chemical energy. When elements come together to form larger substances, atoms need to be stuck together. The glue that hold these atoms together is the energy in a chemical bond. Energy is stored in bonds as long as the atoms remain together.

This is a molecule of Calcium chloride. The Cl atoms are held to the Ca with bonds of energy.

Chemical energy is USED when the bonds that hold atoms together are BROKEN.

Calcium chloride is used to melt snow and ice on pavement. The water rips the Chlorine from the Calcium releasing the energy that once held them together.

This energy is transformed into HEAT that will melt the snow and ice.


The Mont Blanc tunnel is a road tunnel in the Alps connecting Chamonix of France and Courmayeur of Italy, beneath the Mont Blanc massif. At 11.6 km, the tunnel was the longest road tunnel in the world at the time of its completion in 1965
On March 24, 1999, 39 people died when a Belgian transport truck carrying flour and margarine caught fire in the tunnel. After several miles, the driver realized something was wrong as cars coming in the opposite direction flashed their headlights at him; a glance in his mirrors showed white smoke coming out from under his cab.

The truck crashed into the tunnel side and seven other trucks piled up behind. All the vehicles that were destroyed appeared to have been trapped in the inferno that followed. The fire was estimated by officials to have reached a temperature of 1,000 degrees Celsius.

Italian firefighters finally reached the epicenter of the blaze, 48 hours later. In all, the fire blazed for over 53 hours and workers had to wait five days to begin repairs due to the extreme heat that lingered in the tunnel.

Food contains a great deal of energy!


Watch these demos of CHEMICAL energy be converted into LIGHT, HEAT, SOUND, and MECHANICAL energy!








Chemical energy can be transformed into electrical energy.

Sometimes chemical energy refers to reactions that happen between elements.

A common battery is basically made up of two types of chemicals. One chemical that loves to get rid of its electrons...


...and one loves to take electrons.


These two would spark an instant friendship if brought together!

Unfortunately if they came in contact with each other the electricity would be short lived.

Using a battery, WE decide how often the electrons flow between chemicals. The chemicals are separated from each other inside a battery and can be connected by the wires in a circuit.


Chemical energy is transformed into electricity when electrons are moved .







Electro - magnetic








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