The classic textbook definition of energy would be " the ability to do work". Work happens when we move objects using a force. Whenever something moves (no matter how big or small) it requires energy to do it.

Energy is the "stuff" that makes things move or cause change.


Think of it like money. If you want to buy something you'll need a legal form of currency to purchase it.

If you want something to move, you'll need ENERGY to make it happen. When we exercise it takes energy. The more we exercise, the more energy we spend.




How is Energy Measured?

Energy can be measured in Joules and Calories.

Each Joule of energy allows for 1 N-m of work.

(That's like lifting a stick of butter 1 meter into the air.)

There are 4,180 Joules in every Calorie.



There are 2 TYPES of energy that move the universe.

Potential and Kinetic


Potential Energy - Energy that is STORED


Kinetic Energy - Energy that is WORKING most often causing MOTION.

There are 7 FORMS of energy that move the universe.
    Potential Kinetic  
Chemical   energy is stored in chemical bonds
Heat   energy does work through collisions of molecules
Electro - magnetic energy is stored with the buildup of electrons; it does work when electrons MOVE

energy is stored in an object's position above the earth;

energy does work when the object moves

Nuclear   energy is stored in the nucleus of every atom. It keeps protons from flying apart.
Radiant   Energy does work in electromagnetic waves that travel at teh speed of light
Sound   Energy does work through waves of vibrating matter.




The seven different forms of energy are


from one form to another. All energy transformations MUST obey the

Law of Conservation of Energy!

The law of conservation of energy is often considered the MOST important idea in all of science. It states that energy CANNOT be created or destroyed. It CAN, however, change forms.


Again let's think about energy in terms of money.If you go to the bank and ask to change a $100 bill you could get a variety of things in return...


These are all EQUAL but look very different!


Watch the Honda commercial called "The Cog"

Solar Powered Car - Racing with the Sun


Honda's "The Cog "


The making of Honda's "The Cog "


The Mythbusters' Christmas Rube Goldberg


OkGo's music video






Generating electricity is essential for today's society. Without lights, refrigerators, and computers, our world would be vastly different.






Electro - magnetic









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